We are a purpose-driven think-tank and investment club. Our goal is to discover, promote and occasionally invest in businesses where economic growth meets transformative potential.

While we find it hard to believe that ESG will change the world, still we do think that investments might. Through our diverse network of investors, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, activists, and other kinds of change-the-world enthusiasts, we explore the possibilities and pitfalls of doing better business. Combining often radically different perspectives, we push for solutions that combine profitability with social and environmental responsibility in a flywheel, with one enforcing the other. Focusing on SMEs, our goal is to identify real-world success cases and use these to develop strategy blueprints for like-minded entrepreneurs and investors.

We stay away from corporate statements and generic insights; and instead foster an effective exchange of (possibly wild) ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Thus, we follow a clubhouse concept, where most of the content is available to members only. If you want to join the discussion, or just have anything smart or entertaining to say (but don’t actually want to join the discussion), get in contact with us!